Five Tips for Your First Date

Let’s face it… first dates are tough and the majority will end before they even really start. Here is a list the five most important things both men and women should keep in mind.

A first date is simply two people getting together to find out more about each other…its an interview where you determine if the other person will be a good fit for you. Many of these things may seem like common sense but you will be surprised with the things some people are capable of.

Top Five Things for Men:

1. Listen to your date. Listening to your date is not the same thing as waiting for her to pause so that you can begin speaking).

2. Be chivalrous…yes that means you’ll have to open the car door for them.

3. Don’t get drunk. If you’re not sure you can, just stay away from alcohol all together.

4. Always be on time.

5. Play it safe and stay away from the religious anFive Tips for Your First Dated/or political topics…this can lead to disaster.

Top Five Things for Women:

1. Say thank you if he does something nice and/or unusual.

2. If you’re not interested and rather be friends, just say it. The guy may not want to hear it but trust me, it’s better (and easier) now than later on.

3. Don’t get drunk (see #3 for men).

4. Laugh at his jokes even if they are awful

5. Make lots of eye contact and smile.


Author: Laura

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