Healthy Skin for Handsome Men

Skin is the most important part of one’s body as it plays an important role in covering the internal organs and protecting us from deadly infections finding its way into our system. Skin is constantly exposed to lot of toxins in the environment which gives rise to numerous skin problems like acne, scarring, discoloration etc. Let us see some of the most effective, latest techniques, which are proven to give permanent solution to these skin problems.One might have heard a lot about IPL technique.

But, what is IPL? It is also called Intense Pulse Light. It is a recent technology used for skin treatments such as Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne, etc. It works by using intense pulsed light in various wavelengths depending on the skin treatment.There are doubts regarding the difference between IPL and Laser. Laser emits single beam of light at a specific wavelength to treat one particular area of skin, whereas, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is broadband light energy that enables large areas to be treated with a single discharge. The main advantage of IPL is that large areas of skin can be easily treated quickly.

Permanent Hair Removal made easy:

Removal of unwanted, coarse, dark hair especially in chin, chest, abdomen and back is really easy and effortless with the invention of “Chromolite Hair Removal” technology which falls under IPL technique and it works by using a red and yellow light, where red light targets the melanin causing increase in temperature of hair follicle and thereby destroying the same and yellow light prevents blood supply to follicle preventing further hair growth, resulting in a permanent solution. It normally takes 7-10 days for the skin to be smooth and free of hair.

Skin Rejuvenation:

If one wants youthful and glowing skin, then the answer to this is “Microdermabrasion”. This is a simple, non-surgical procedure to remove top layer of skin which has dead cells and progressively to deeper layers by using small rough grains. It is mainly used to treat light scarring, stretch marks, discoloration and sun damage. After a few sittings one can see visible difference in their skin with respect to complexion and smoothness.

The procedure starts with the use of antiseptic cleanser to remove excess oil, impurities and bacteria. This is followed by the use of diamond rough grains to exfoliate the skin and application of medicated clay mask and finally after the treatment, one gets valuable tips and adHealthy Skin for Handsome Menvice for future care.

These treatments cost anywhere between 50$ to 120$. .Gone is the days when women frequented salons and skin care clinics to take care of their skin to look ravishing. Nowadays, there are more men out there who visit skin care salons, compared to women, to groom themselves so as to look equally handsome and attractive.

If one looks from health perspective, taking care of one’s skin, irrespective of the gender is as important as doing a regular health checkup in a doctor’s clinic.


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