Looks Do Matter – Ugly Guys Don’t Get Laid

The majority of seduction specialists and pick-up artists assert that “looks don’t matter.” They claim that even the most attractive ladies may be attracted to and seduced by the ugliest guys, but trust us. Ugly Guys Don’t Get Laid: Appearances Do Matter. Let’s break it down.

I’m here to let you know that’s wholly untrue. Before you even set eyes on a woman, you shoot yourself in the foot if you’re not attractive. If a woman’s initial reaction to you is to mumble “ew” into her friend’s ear, you won’t get laid.

Consider the fact that guys of all kinds frequently approach women. Do you believe a lady would choose the attractive man to accompany her home if she were to have a conversation with two separate men, both of whom were amusing and interesting?

Obviously not… She will pick the gorgeous guy. Women want to hook up with attractive men, just like you only want to date “perfect 10’s.”

Even while there is much more to picking up a female than just your appearance, it is true that they are a necessary condition for success.

Like males, women have an inherent predisposition to be drawn to handsome men. Women unconsciously link attractiveness to health and the capacity to defend them. She doesn’t actively consider this, but her genes predispose her to do so. and it has assisted human evolution for countless years.

Women must take their reputation into account while selecting a man. She won’t even think about it if she knows that her friends will witness her leaving the bar with an unattractive guy.

She will never permit herself to date a man who is beneath the caliber of her friends. Every time she introduces her boyfriend to a new person, she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by his appearance because it will make her look bad.

Fortunately, there is some good news as well. Generally speaking, not being ugly is the most crucial factor. This suggests that as long as you have at least “average” looks, you can usually succeed with women. Even though Brad Pitt will still clearly have the advantage over you, you will at least have a shot.

More good news: Men who are unable to truly enhance their appearance to the point where they could be regarded as decent-looking are quite rare. This is something that 99.9% of men can accomplish quite simply.

You don’t need to undergo cosmetic surgery, lose 50 pounds, or alter your face’s form in order to look better. Simple things like having a great smile, having nice skin, dressing appropriately, selecting a flattering hairdo, and maintaining exquisite hygiene may make a huge difference. Good luck


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