Signs Your EX is Never Coming Back

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We all go through this situation. After a breakup when you got that free zone for you, you start thinking  “who was wrong?” and suddenly you realize that what if your ex wants to be with you again or not. In this article, we will discuss signs Your EX is Never Coming Back.  Now the situation is different, because like you have your free zone your ex does the same. 

We understand that you may go through with a dilemma but let us help you. We recommend reading these few questions before going forward to read this article.  

Before reading “Signs Your EX is Never Coming Back” You may have these questions in your mind if you want your ex back:- 

1.  What if your ex doesn’t want the same thing?

2.  What if your ex wants the same thing but you don’t how to start the conversation.

3.  Are you sure,  you still want to get back with your ex?

If you have these questions is in your mind then you may continue to read the article. Now let us give a few hints so that you can come to a point of judgment that your ex wants to get back to you or not and Signs Your EX is Never Coming Back. Follow along with us,  these 4 hints may help you in figuring it out. 

Sign 1:- Your ex Avoids Conversations About Past

As we know It’s common sense. But what about after the breakup? the answer is yes they are not good.  We will include that in a different article. Now you are trying to figure it out that your ex still wants to get back to you or not. So always keep in mind it’s your ex. Let’s say you are having a conversation with your ex and your ex tries to change the topic whenever you start to talk about a past relationship, or if your ex bluntly asks you to not talk about the past or some sensitive topic you want to discuss, then my friend it’s a big hint to you that your ex just doesn’t want to get back to you.  

Sign 2:- Your ex  avoids Time Together

After a breakup, In most cases, we remain friends with our exes and to be honest which is not good for you and your ex. Because you will face many awkward situations in your friend circle if still stay as friends after a breakup(if it is not recent).  Anyways Your life your choice. So this hint 2 is basically applicable if you are still in touch with your ex. Now you both are in the same friend circle and you ask your ex to spend some time together and your ex rejects it that is also a hint that Ex Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together with you. The reason for rejection can be anything like your ex just wants to move on in life or may don’t really want to get in with you again. 


Sign 3:- Your ex started Dating  Other

Dating others is not wrong especially after a breakup. Sometimes people just go on dating to get over on exes. But if you see your ex is happy doing it is clearly an indication that Your Ex Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together. This is also a  hint for you to step back and move forward and start your new relationship. If that is the case you may check our online dating article which going to help you a lot. 


Sign 4:- Your ex Shows no interest In Your Social Life

This is the last sign that your ex is not coming back for sure. If your ex shows no interest in your social life then your ex is not coming back for sure. You can take Facebook or Instagram as an example. If your ex is not giving any attention as usually gave before dating you is a clear sign that it’s over. 

We at found these “Signs Your EX is Never Coming Back”  are very helpful in identifying that your ex is coming back or not so keep these signs in your mind. 


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