Texts That Won’t Get Your Ex Back

Text messages composed correctly can be very powerful. Choosing the right words can have a significant impact and stir up passion and mystery in the ex you still love. Texts can help bridge the gap that has grown between you and help forge a new path that draws you both together. Using texts as a means to get your ex back can work to your advantage. All you need to know is what and when is best to text and of course what not to text and what could be detrimental.

Choosing the right words is crucial and knowing how much time to give before sending a second text is all important. The wrong types of texts can lead to something much more painful that the initial break up so it is always a good idea to give yourself time to compose yourself as well as the message you would like to put across.

When it comes to texts that won’t get your ex back there are 3 main types you need to know about and should avoid at all costs. Firstly there is the Nothing Text. These texts might start with a ‘Hi’ or ‘what’s up?’ At first glance they may not appear offensive but on reflection what they actually do is lead to a one word answer that can close down the conversation.

Next is the Needy Text. These often start with ‘What are you up to?’, ‘Are you seeing someone else yet?’, ‘Why don’t you text me back?’ or ‘Don’t you love Texts That Won’t Get Your Ex Backme anymore? Although these may be questions you want answers for they are not appropriate in a text. They will make you appear insecure and desperate and if anything put your ex right off and remind them of the reason why you broke up.

Then there is the Begging and Pleading Text. These texts are way too desperate sounding and may start with ‘I’ll do anything just to get you back’, ‘Tell me what I did wrong’, ‘I can’t live without you’.

Before sending any text remember why you are texting; because you want to get back with your ex and not push them further away.


Author: Laura

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