The Important Factor In A Wedding Speech

In any speaking engagement, one of the most important factor (and the most neglected, too) is the audience. People are so worried about the speech itself that they tend to forget the real factor that will affect the whole execution of the speech.

There are many kinds of speeches and one of them is the wedding speech. It is that part of the weeding that everybody is so excited to hear.

In a wedding, there are three primary wedding speeches that will be heard. The first one will be coming from the bride’s father. This is usually the most emotional speech and the most unforgettable one. It becomes so touchy when the father includes in his speech how he is endorsing his daughter to his husband.

The second part of the wedding speech is the groom’s speech. Here, he will thank his parents for all the love and care. He will also thank all those who made the celebration possible and memorable.

And last is the best man’s speech. Usually, this type of wedding speech is the most enlightening one because it entails the lighter side of the event. The best man will tell stories about the groom and his crazy antics.

Of all these wedding speeches, the audience should be the primary factor that should be considered when making the wedding speech. Through the analysis of the audience, the speaker will be able to identify which things that should be said and which things that should be left out.

In most cases, the most common misconception of most wedding speakers about wedding speeches is that they thought that they are speaking before the bride and the groom only, which should not be the case. The wedding speech should be delivered to the whole guests. In fact, the impression most wedding speakers make would reflect back to the bride and groom.

For example, if you are to make a wedding speech and you have thought of including some jokes that you think would make the couple happy, try to think of the audience first if it will make them happy too. There may be instances wherein your joke will not amuse the elderly ones who will be present at the wedding.

Problems and conflicts may happen just because of the wedding speech you have made. So, it is extremely important to make a speech that will focus on the general interest of the audience and not centered on the bride and groom or to your own judgment of what you think would be funny and okay.

Another misconception that wedding speakers usually make is that they tend to think that wedding speeches are not all worth the trouble. That is why most of them would not make a speech that is well-thought of, with words that are carefully chosen, and the idea creatively generated to come up with a good speech.

Usually, they would make a speech that they think will do for the time being. Just to get over it, they would just think of mentioning some stories and that is it.

What matters most in a wedding speech is the reaction aThe Important Factor In A Wedding Speechnd impression that the audience will have on your wedding speech. Just like the way you want to talk to your boss or your colleague and consider their feelings and principles is also the same way you should be delivering your speech. You should also consider the audience’s feelings and beliefs.

Moreover, you should know how to identify with the audience. Through identification you will be able to come up with a wedding speech wherein the audience can relate to whatever stories or information that you will be telling them.

So, now you know how important wedding speeches can be, it is important to take note of the most important factor before making a wedding speech — the audience. And because wedding speeches are important part of the wedding, it should never be taken for granted.


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