The Text Your Ex Back Process

More and more exes are using the texting formula in a bid to win back their loved one and start over a new relationship. With so many eBooks appearing about what you need to do and how and when you should start texting your ex, it is no wonder that the mere act of sending a text has become something of a skill. To text back your ex is not just a simple message send from your mobile phone, it is a process that takes time and planning.

The text your ex back process consists of a few planned steps that allow you to say all the right things and send your carefully selected words via text messages. The process starts with a time out period which gives both you and you ex time, ideally at least 4 weeks, in which to reflect over where you went wrong and surmise your feelings for each other. The time out period is a cThe Text Your Ex Back Processrucial part of the text your ex back process as it prevents a lot of pent up anger, frustrations and hurt from spilling out in frantic text messages.

Once you and your ex have had time out and time to reflect, emotions can be analysed and it is in this part of the process that you can carefully plan your first text. You’ll need to avoid anything too heavy or direct so a good place to start is by asking how you ex is doing and wrap it up in a subtle compliment. This, at the very least will not go unnoticed and leave the pathway clear for a response or for you to compose a follow up text message. Remember, texting back your ex will either be a good or bad thing, so don’t rush in but rather allow the step by step process to slowly unfold and help you win back your ex.


Author: Laura

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