Things People Should Know in a Divorce

Divorce is not good for kids

First of all, try to avoid this to happen and keep trying to fight until the end. This complete process of getting divorce put mental pressure on both partners and their kids if any for a long time. When you face this difficult situation and you need to go through it, There are few things that you should know in a divorce.

The process of getting a divorce is not easy no matter what religion you are or what country you are in. Because it’s not about the rules it’s about the depression and sadness you will have during the process. We at did a study about the divorce process all around the world and found the easiest way to get a divorce is in Islam for men. 

In the US, the law on separate from varies starting with one state to another. For example, the process may be different in California if you compare it with Wisconsin. On average, to complete the process it may take around 11 months in the USA. On other in countries like Canada around 4 months, India and New Zealand around 2 years. 

Getting a Divorce may be very expensive then you think. Besides time you also need to have money in your pocket to pay your lawyer and other fees. Which purely depends on the country you are in. Like in India fees can vary from 10k(INR) to 1ooK(INR) which again depends on the type of divorce and duration involved. In the USA it is $10K USD per person and in Canada around 3k. So you should keep in mind this in your mind when planning to go for divorce.

We studied and found that there are many cases when People file the case against their partner and lose the case in the courtroom. In any typical Divorce case, many things are involved like who will get what. In such a scenario, the Court has to listen and need to check the evidence and decide based on all circumstances. So always keep in mind that if you think that you file a divorce case and win then sorry to say but you may lose as well. The simplest case is when no one wants anything from each other and just want to get separated. No property involved and no kids involved.   

You can take divorce but for your kids, it is going to very hard. Divorce can put kids under mental pressure which may impact their future. Below are possible issues your kid can face:-

  • Social Discomfort
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Disruptive Behaviour
  • Risky Sexual Behaviour
  • Depression

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