Things to consider when deciding on decorations for your wedding

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It is very difficult decision to make when it comes to plan your wedding decoration. People usually get confused what they should choose or follow or go with suggestion from wedding planer agencies. There are many wedding planner all over the world who are very much experienced in this field. Although still you are the one who is going to choose from it. As we know that wedding very big event in our life and we want to celebrate this as much as in unique way so you can remember this day for rest of your life. We at picked up few good points that you need to consider for your wedding decoration. We hope this help you in and wish you happy married life. If you think more things needs to be added, Please help to comment. 

As this is known fact  that people will notice decoration first and then groom and bride. So we need to make sure that first impression good should be good.  As of this fact every bride and groom wants to have very attractive ,memorable and unique decoration so they have good impression from the guests. Usually, wedding decorations is more for bride side but we from  always suggest to get groom  to involved in the process.

Here are few things to consider when deciding on decorations for your wedding:- 

  1. Mood
  2. Color Scheme/theme
  3. Site
  4. Time
  5. Guests 
  6. Budget 


It’s very important  part wedding decoration as this is going to set baseline for your wedding too. What kind of mood you want to set for your wedding that will reflect in your decoration as well and should reflect otherwise it’s no meaning. So you need to decide what kind of wedding mood you want to set, Do you want it to be as mush as formal? If you choose this mode you need make sure other side also accept this fact as sometimes there may have some conflict with other side Or Do you want to go with traditional mode? In this case sometimes it got conflict when groom or bride is from different culture or tradition. So you need to choose wisely by keeping in mind that you need to respect other side as well.  

Once you setup your mood it will help you deciding the decoration as well like what color of flowers will fit in the decoration, what kind of candles and what color of balloons you want to fit in.  All these things looks small to choose but the truth is it’s not that easy. Once you set the mood it’s easy to choose. 

Color Scheme

So second most important thing you need to decide the theme of color for complete decoration. You need to choose main color for the decoration and can go with other matching color as well. This also include choice of flower you made in “Mood” because everything needs to look beautiful. Sometime people decide wrong color combinations and that put bad impression on guests an overall on marriage as well.  suggest that color scheme should be decided by the couple. Couples can decide the color theme based on season or some common favorite colors or their hobbies preference.  Color scheme needs to go  well with what the members of the entourage and the guests will be wearing on the big day.


visit the wedding site at least twice and see if your wedding idea is fitting in or not. You may take pictures of the wedding  but we suggest to visit and feel the place before start planning the wedding decoration. Visiting wedding site will give you advanatge to plan  perfect wedding as you still can look for different place if you current site is not fit in your decoration plan. 


Usually, decorations can only be set at the church and at the reception within one to two hours before the event. Therefore, you must consider decorations that don’t take much time to mount. Also, these decorations should also be taken down right after the event.

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  1. I agree that deciding on a mood and color scheme would be important when planning out wedding decorations. My sister is thinking about getting married next year after recently getting engaged. It’s smart for her to decide on that because that will give her a lot of time to make the necessary preparations that she will need to perfect.

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