What Makes a Girl Fall in Love

Every day I get an email similar to this:

“There is this girl I’m talking to. I really want her to be my girlfriend. What can I say to her?”

Here is my answer: Nothing you can “say” will make her fall in love with you.

In fact, you will usually “blow it” if you attempt to let a girl know how you feel (especially if it’s early on.)

Here’s the problem most guys run into –

Once they like a girl they think they need to express this to her – they think that “if she knows how much I like her” she’ll want to be my girlfriend.


Love is psychological.

Women (and men) fall in love due to a psychological process that occurs in our own mind.

Women don’t fall in love while they are with you –

She falls in love while she is away from you thinking about you –

And the more you can get her thinking about you -. The more she will begin to convince herself that

she is in love with you.

In the “Seduction Weapons” portion of The Scrambler I teach 12 weapons of seduction –

These are 12 things that will keep her thoughts focused on YOU when you’re not around.

12 Weapons of Seduction

The first and easiest of the 12 weapons is ambiguity –

Women love drama (how else do you think there would be 5 different Housewives of (insert city) shows
on TV?)

If you want to keep her attention – you’ve got to provide her that drama she craves.

Ambiguity is a great way to do this. You are sending her mixed signals. You are showing her multiple sides of your personality –

Sometimes you make her feel like she excites you –

Sometimes you make her feel like you are losing interest and she bores you –

Sound cruel?

Well, if you think back on the girls you fell in love with – Chances are she made you feel this exact way. Chances are she sent a lot of mixed signals.

Am I correct?

I didn’t invent the game. But I play to win.

There are 11 more seduction weapons in Unlock Her Legs (some much sneakier than this.)

Remember “attention” is a commodity. We only have so much of it. He who occupies the most of her attention wins.


Author: Laura

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