Women Attracted to Only Rich Handsome Men Myth

Are women attracted to only rich and good looking men? Most men with average looks and income would have asked this question to themselves at one time or another.

The probable reasons why you have thought about this question is because you must have seen :-

* Beautiful women dating men who are physically attractive such as having a handsome face with a near perfect alpha male.
* The rich and famous, such as wealthy rock stars or rich businessmen dating harems of beautiful women.

Because of th above reasons, most guys of average looks and wealth tend to draw the conclusion that girls fall only for men who are either good looking or rich or both wealthy and handsome.

Is this dating women mindset true? Now, if I am to tell you that having good looks and having lots of money do not matter in the dating game, then I will be telling you a big fib.

Hold on there a second. No need to be disappointed just yet. You see, even if you are not rich and handsome, because if you have your seduction skills honed to perfection, you will still be able to date many beautiful ladies. But firstly, there is no point in lying to yourself and pulling wool across your eyes by saying that having money and being good looking do not matter at all when attracting women.

Being good looking and wealthy can certainly give you a big advantage over the average Joes. Anyone who denies this fact is either resenting this truth in his heart or is so oblivious to the art of the dating game that he will not succeed anyway.

The money part is the easier one to overcome of the two issues. This is because most women are not attracted to wealthy people just because they are rich, unless you give them a reason to do so. Take for example, when a woman asks you about your occupation and you tell her that you are out of a job and is looking for a new job, then it is more likely that she will think of you as a less likely dating potential or even boyfriend material.

Now rephrase your answer and say that you have just gotten out of a senior management position and are in the process of going into a bigger career or starting a new business because of your expertise in your trade and your value to her will immediately soar.

Hey, you are not lying to her at all. You are just saying things differently by reframing your answer to give her a positive high value answer of your image in her mind.

This same principle also applies to the question of being good looking. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10, the numeral 10 being the best looking, then if other people consistently rank you between 7 or 8 but your confidence level is so low that you behave like a 3 or 4, then girls will perceive you as a 5 or 6.

The more handsome and good looking a man is, the more likely that he will be successful with women because he will be more confident in portraying his attractive attributes to women such as excellent social grace, confidence, good humor, casual attitude etc. In other words, his good looks naturally developed the dominant Alpha Male instinct in him.

So the idea here is that if you are 4-5 (average looking) but you punch above your weight and convinced yourself that you are 8-9 material, then you will start to behave like you are there because of your charisma, confidence and other attractive male attributes.

Now let’s say a good handsome man of 6 or 7 on the scale but thinks himself merely as 3 or 4 and thus perceived by women as a 5. Compare this man to yourself who is 3 or 4, but acts like a 8 or 9, your average perception with women will be 5-6 right? So you have overtaken this handsome man on the dating game, won’t you?

Whoever said that only rich handsome good looking men can get all the beautiful women is probably the one left high and dry in the dating game.

So if you perfect your art of seduction techniques, you can get the women you want even if you are not handsome and wealthy. Life is so wonderful, isn’t it?


Author: Laura

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