Creating a Healthy Balance Between Work and Personal Life

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Sometimes, we get so much involved in our professional life that our personal relationships get affected in the undesired way. You work all day long and sometimes in the night to meet the set targets and earn your money. You earn a handsome paycheck and are progressing in your career. Your career is just perfect; the way you had always wanted it to be. But you fail on one front. Your job has created a distance in your relationships, you feel separated from everything. You have soaked yourself so much in work that you cannot remember the last time you had paid a visit to your granny’s place and have also forgotten the name of some distance relatives… Your friends are complaining that you don’t have time for them, and your relationship with your partner is worsening due to lack of time. Do you feel familiar with the experience? Such a scenario is hugely prevalent these days and there are many working professionals who find it difficult to find the balance between relationships and work. Even I find it hard to hold this balance and sometimes end up forgetting a close friend’s birthday only to face the reasoned bashing from him/her after some days. Isn’t this embarrassing? Have we become so focused on our own progress that we don’t have time for our close ones? To avoid circumstances like these you should learn to keep a healthy balance between work and personal life.Some effective tips have been discussed through this article. Learn the different ways to create a balance between your work and personal life.

Understand Your Priorities and Work on Them

Your work is definitely your first priority but remember that it is not your only priority. Relationship management is equally important. After all, it is your friends and relatives who will be there to help you in crisis. This being a valid reason, there are many other reasons you should be social in the circle of your near and dear ones. It actually conveys that you still care and know the significance of caring and being in touch. Maintaining a healthy balance is basically the sign of a professional and is the correct attitude we all should learn to imbibe.

When a person finds it difficult to manage his life and career, and ends up faltering on both fronts, it means he lacks on the time management and organizational skills. If we learn to manage our time fruitfully we can definitely be successful in creating a balance between work and personal life. For this you should design a proper schedule and then should try to follow it. There should be a cleverly thought out segmentation for every activity; definitely work has first priority in the schedule. What I am talking about is fruitfully utilizing your weekends, holidays and non working hours. Be social with your friends and relatives and take time out to catch up with your friends when you have time. Let laziness not distract you. This you can do, only if you are giving your hundred percent at work so that you don’t have to work on the weekends trying to finish the targets.

Let stress not affect you.

More often, a person experiences crisis that are common during that period. To counter the stress, activities like meditation and Yoga should be part of your routine. This will help you to deal with relationship complexities effectively and would keep the negative energies away. To spend time with your loved ones you can also indulge in some activities with them, like you can ask your friends to join gym with you or you can play some sports together. This will serve dual purpose – you will stay connected with your friends even on working days and also reap the benefits of a workout. Keep stress at bay and learn to create a balance in life.

Enjoy Your Life – The Time Never Comes Back

Prevent yourself from being an over workaholic. No I don’t mean to say you should stop working; but you should not soak yourself so much in work that you fail in handling your relationships. You will later realize in life, working to fill your pockets, you ended up missing the thrill of enjoying life in the twenties. Same holds for those who are married. So spend time with your loved one(s), party on your weekends, go shopping, watch a movie! Do not forget to take a long vacation periodically so that you can catch up with your distant relatives and faraway friends. Enjoy the satisfaction of working hard and living life to the fullest.

Internet is definitely a boon on us, least to say. So to be connected with your school friends or relatives who are far you can harness the power of the social networking site. Even if you access them once a week, you can do much to keep a track on your friends lives. A simple hello or a message will keep them happy and it will also help you in staying in touch with them. Take time out to gift your friends or write a letter. Such small things do count in managing relationships.

These were some tips you should remember to achieve a balance between work and personal life. One should always remember that keeping relationships is very important and so is dutifully doing the work. Be a professional at your work, work hard, but do not fail to manage your relationships, they are equally important for a happy and balanced life. Do not miss on anything!




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