healthy relationship with boyfriend

Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationships are built on trust and understanding. They are about intimacy, passion, and commitment. They are about two people who have enough in common to want to share their…

Fear of Rejection

sad woman

The fear of rejection is a phobia that can hamper a person’s quality of life. This article explains what this phobia is like, where it stems from, and how to…

Wife Caught Cheating??


What to Do When Your Wife Caught Cheating Have you recently found that your wife has been cheating on you? If you have, you may be unsure as to how…

Online Dating is Not a Competition

Online dating is not a competition

Online dating is not a competition between competing males for the attention of a female. Grow up. Change your mindset from “winning” to “searching”. This isn’t high school. You are…

The Nice Guys Do It Too! Online Dating


We are talking about online dating, of course. There are many online websites like hitwe, tinder,mingle2, and the list goes on and on now as days which are connecting singles….