How Text Messaging Can Help to Improve Your Sex Life

Are you looking for an easy, yet unique way to improve your sex life or even just your relationship in general? If you are, do you and your partner own and use cell phones? If so, improving your relationship through the use of text messages is a fun and creative, yet unique approach to take. If you haven’t already tired this approach, you should.

As nice as it is to hear that text messaging can help to improve your communication or your sex life, you may be looking for more information. First, you may be wondering if it is really possible to do. Can a simple text message ignite passion in your relationship? Yes, it can. In fact, you may be surprised just how much passion can be ignited. Please continue reading on for more information on just how it can and should be done.

For starters, do you have any sexual fantasies or desires that you would like to see transformed into reality? Are you bored with your current level of intimacy and would like to make changes? If so, you need to speak with your partner. Unfortunately, this is often a lot easier said than done for some men and women. You should have no problem talking to your partner about intimacy, but the subject may be one that makes you feel uncomfortable. If that is the case, text messaging may be an easy approach to take. The ability to mask yourself behind a cell phone may provide you with a certain level of comfort and peace of mind.

In addition to using text messages as a way to improve your communication and your sex life, you can and should use it as a form of foreplay. Unfortunately, many individuals make the mistake of assuming that foreplay can only happen in the bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Is your partner on their way home from work? Are you in the mood for intimacy? If you are, send them a few sexy, seductive, and suggestive text messages. In a few creative words, let them know that you are at home waiting for them and ready for an adventure.

As romantic and as adventurous as using a cell phone to add new life to your intimacy can be, it is also important to proceed with caution. There are a few important dos and don’t that you first need to know. Do not send sexy or seductive text messages to a family cell phone. A family cell phone can be defined as one that all members of the family uses, like one that your son or daughter may borrow. These types of text messages are and should be private. Also, avoid sending text messages to work issued cell phones. Often times, text messages are not allow, but they may also be viewed by others.

In addition to spicing up your current relationship or marriage, text messages can also be used as a way to court new partners. Did you just recently get the phone number of a nHow Text Messaging Can Help to Improve Your Sex Lifeice and attractive man or woman at a bar or party? If you did, send them a flirty text message. For many, sending a text message is a lot easier than placing an actual phone call. When first making contact, be sure to use caution and your best judgment. Do not go overboard or be too sexy or seductive. There is a better time and place for these types of messages. Speaking of that time and place, wait until after you have received a response back or until after your first real date.

As a recap, text messaging is a unique, fun, and creative way to improve your sex life. If you and your partner own cell phones, start using them today. You may be more than pleased with the results. As a reminder, text messages can also be used to get the communication started in a new relationship.


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