Facial Exercise Keeps Men Handsome

Men of the twenty first century have certainly transformed their regard for personal upkeep. Gone is the Neanderthal thinking as most of them have no problem having their hair and nails professionally cared for and a lot of them have discovered facials, waxing and more that add to their good looks.

Yes, men of this new millennium have decided that they, too, want to keep Father Time at a distance. Just as women have proclaimed that 60 is the new 40, it hasn’t taken long for men to adopt that same proclamation for themselves.

After all, looking as young as you feel is a very nice place to be.

Unfortunately, men’s faces elongate and look older just like women’s faces do. No matter how many creams, lotions and potions they use, facial muscles that are soft make even the most handsome man look older.

Jowls form along the jaw, eyes become hooded and tired looking and all of a sudden that once taut chin has become a real concern. These signs of aging are worrisome and you can expect that your facial muscles will elongate about one-half inch by your mid-fifties.

It is not surprising that some men have begun to explore certain cosmetic products such as eye treatments and masks and now they are beginning to use plastic procedures such as injections that plump and paralyze.

Some of these users have determined that the “paralyzed look” doesn’t really suit them because it hampers their success quotient. How? The passive, no expression-look in the boardroom has its distractions; in fact, the no expression look could be dubbed the “powerless look”.

Most men who have had face work done cannot disguise the tell-tale look of pulled skin, out of place suture lines and a skewed hairline that doesn’t quite look natural. We’ve seen this look on celebrities who can afford the very finest care.

Funny thing though, plastic and cosmetic surgeons cannot guarantee their work. That’s right – you don’t like the results – well, too bad.

The effects of temporary fixes like injections will eventually wear off but surgery is permanent but only temporarily permanent because the muscles that support the skin continue their downward slide affecting the skin in an unnatural way.

These once handsome celebrities who have used surgical methods aren’t quite as handsome as we once remember. Couple surgery and injections with laser and you might look a little freakish, not boyish.

Boyish good looks are a result of an athletic looking face, the words chiseled, toned and tightened describe an athletic looking boyish face.

Let’s say you have decided not to use anything invasive or painful to maintain your looks and you realize that skin care doesn’t keep your face, chin and neck lifted or tightened. Where do you go from here?

You are the ideal candidate to learn facial exercise. Facial Exercise Keeps Men HandsomeNot contortions or girly movements but real isometric with resistance type movements that target specific facial muscle groups.

A work out for your face with simple yet effective muscle strengthening exercises can be completed in just about the same amount of time you need for a shower and shave.

You don’t have to go anywhere or wear special clothing; in fact, all you need are your thumbs, fingers and white cotton gloves in front of your bathroom mirror.

This specialized exercise routine targets fifteen areas of your face and neck and in hardly any time at all, from the inside out, your face will begin to resemble that boyish, younger looking you of years past.


Author: Laura

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