5 Things to Consider if Dating in the Workplace

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Things to Consider if Dating in the Workplace

Yes, you heard it right Workplace romance policy or dating in the workplace policy still exists. No matter you are in big or small company these policies still exists. It’s better to know them before you make any move still need to consider though that how these policies are going to impact you and your partner. Build strong relationship.

Examples of acceptable behavior in any Workplace romance policy:

  • Passing by your partner’s office to talk to them for a short time. 
  • Discussing your joint vacation plans during breaks
  • Coming to and leaving from work together

Examples of unacceptable behavior in any Workplace romance policy:

  • Hinders our operations.
  • Embarrasses your colleagues
  • Distracts your colleagues from their duties

If you’re thinking about dating at your workplace or fall love in the workplace, you should consider the following :

  1. Check your company’s policy on workplace dating. Many companies have a strict policy against it and may even fire employees who date one another. 
  2. Be discreet and professional about your relationship and try not to make it obvious that you’re dating someone at work. Keep any PDA to a minimum and make sure not to post any selfies of the two of you together on social media accounts.
  3.  Make sure that both partners are on the same page before pursuing a relationship at work – if either partner                isn’t interested or is already in a relationship, then it’s best not to pursue anything further.
  4.   If your company doesn’t have an official policy against workplace relationships, then be mindful.
  5.   Dating coworkers is also not very welcomed much so be aware of the side effects in office.

Hopefully this will help you handle your work and love life well. Romance should not have boundaries but sorry to say there are.


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