Online Dating is Not a Competition

Online dating is not a competition

Online dating is not a competition between competing males for the attention of a female. Grow up. Change your mindset from “winning” to “searching”. This isn’t high school. You are all grown up and have been for quite some time, now. Your attitude is the perfect weapon for you to get success in life and no matter what is it. You should like yourself and not concentrate on all of the things that aren’t YOUR idea of the perfect guy… the one all women want. Also, check The Nice Guys Do It Too! Online Dating.

What is that ladies want, you ask? That’s the age-old question. Being of the feminine persuasion myself, I can tell you a couple of things women want and don’t want.

Women need a man to be confident… NOT an arrogant jerk. There’s an enormous difference. you would like to love yourself and not be self-deprecating but you don’t get to encounter such as you believe that you simply are present to them from God and have just fallen from the sky. They don’t want you to think that they only fell from heaven and are some quite perfect beings, either. They can’t live up thereto expectations.

Women need a communicator. The “strong silent type” really isn’t appealing in the least. They think you almost certainly don’t have an ingenious thought in your head and you almost certainly haven’t heard a word they said, either, or that you simply just don’t care what they said or didn’t even hear what they said. they need you to be interesting enough to require to understand more about you and that they want you to think that they’re interesting enough to ask intelligent questions on what’s important to them, too.

What women don’t want a prize to be won or to be a trophy they just want to be with you.


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