The Benefits of Platonic Relationships in the Workplace

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The Benefits of Platonic Relationships in the Workplace

What Is a Platonic Relationship?

A platonic relationship is a relationship that is not romantic. It can be a friendship, a sibling relationship, or a parent-child relationship. A platonic relationship can be seen as a form of emotional intimacy.

It’s not always easy to have one with someone you know because there are many factors in play, such as how you feel about yourself and how the other person feels about you.

What are the Benefits of a Platonic Relationship?

A platonic relationship is a close, but non-sexual, relationship. The benefits of this type of relationship are that it can be the foundation for a fulfilling life. It also provides opportunities to grow and learn about oneself and others in ways that are not possible with romantic relationships.

3 Reasons to Adopt a Platonic Workplace Relationship

  1. The first reason to adopt a platonic relationship in the workplace is that it will help you focus on your work. You can be more productive and less distracted if you don’t have to worry about any possible romantic entanglements. 
  2. The second reason is that it can help you avoid getting into a toxic relationship. It’s hard to tell if someone is bad for us or not, but if they are toxic in the workplace, they will most likely be toxic in a romantic relationship as well.
  3. The third reason is that it can save your time and energy when searching for a partner. Imagine how much time and energy you would spend on dating apps like Tinder if you were looking for a partner in the workplace as well!

Employees will be more productive and satisfied with their jobs. They will also have a better work-life balance and feel less stressed.


Couple working
platonic relationship

This type of relationship has been proven to increase productivity because employees are not distracted by the other person’s attractiveness. This is because there is no sexual tension or sexual attraction that can hinder productivity. The platonic relationship also helps employees maintain a better work-life balance, which is important for mental health and happiness. The lack of sexual tension makes it easier for them to focus on their work, instead of worrying about what they should wear or how they look at work.

Why We Need More Platonic Relationships at Work & How to Make Them Happen

We have to stop seeing work as a place where we go to do our job and instead see it as a place where we go to build relationships. We need more platonic relationships at work because platonic relationships are the foundation for all other types of relationships. They are the foundation for friendships, romantic partnerships, and collegial connections.

It is important to make these platonic connections happen because they lead to better performance on the job.



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