Are Women Attracted to Handsome Goodlooking Men

Many websites on the theme of dating and seduction will tell you that you need not be good looking and handsome to attract women. This is because unlike men, girls are attracted by more emotional values and alpha male characteristics rather than merely good looks. But I do not agree.

There are many surveys and researches conducted that indicated men are attracted to women by sight and all other feminine attributes are secondary issues. Perhaps, this was how “love at first sight” came about. As such, it is not surprising that when a beautiful and attractive woman walks into a room, every male except gays in the room will instinctively give her a top to toe eyeball over.

Some guys will already be making mental plans how to chat her up or even taking her to bed. Men, are you guilty of that? I know that I am, but no worries, it is only natural.

However, women’s attraction to men is much more complicated, or so the surveys reported. It is thought that it is the total package that women will be looking for in a man. Good looks alone are not sufficient for a woman to fall head over heels with a man. Of course there are some exceptions.

The researchers concluded that a girl’s maternal instinct will look for other attributes in a man besides good looks whether the she knows it consciously or not. Some of the attributes are that a man must be confident, must be able to communicate with her both verbally and mentally, must not be a wimp, must have the ability to protect her and her offsprings, have some quality traits to ensure that the best genes are passed on to her brood, must be witty and have a good sense of humor. Being good looking and having a Brad Pitt like great body shape is not at the top of her instictive priority list.

Wait a minute dude. Did I just say being good looking and handsome is not at the top of women’s attraction list? Nope, I did not. The the researchers said so and this is where I disagree with them.

Now, let me ask you a question. How many times have you heard a woman gushed “Ooooohhh…he is soooo handsome” or “Oh my gosh….Brad Pitt has a body to die for”? If that is not being attracted by attractive male good looks and handsome male body, then what is? Does that make sense to say that girls are not attracted by goodlooking male hunks with nice, slightly muscular lean body? It certainly does not seems so, don’t you agree?

Although I do concede that girls will ultimately bed or marry a man with many other good qualities, a good looking attractive man will still be a women magnet or at least during the first contact as explained earlier. How else can women get to know a man or are able to assess his other traits without getting to know him first? Therefore the initial attraction is still a handsome good looking alpha male who is attractive to women.

Do you agree that men must look good to attract women, at least at the first moment of contact? You do? Excellent. Then let us examine what physical features that will make men more attractive to girls.

We will not discuss facial features because we are stuck with our face and very little can be done except with cosmetic surgery to reconstruct our faces. That leaves us with our male body of which we can sculpt and mould so that it is attractive to women.

Common sense will tell you that most women are not attracted to very skinny or fat men. Women instinctively perceive that a skinny man is too weak to protect her and her offsprings and an overweight man is perceived to be too cumbersome or lazy to bring home the bread or may be more prone to weight related diseases. This mental unconcious compartmentalization may not be logical but are hardwired into women’s primeval maternal instinct.

It is also well known that most women are also turned off by men with big huge muscles like those of professional wrestlers and bodybuilders. Reasons often repeated in surveys are that these men don’t look natural and are intimidating. To make matters worse, many women, whether if it is true or not think that bodybuilders are narcissists as they spend hours and hours in the gym preening themselves so much so that they are insensitive to women’s needs and so are therefore selfish people. These perceptions may not be true, but hey, too bad, they are being perceived as such.

So what male physical features actually attract the girls? Well, I did a survey with my female clients and almost all of them with only slight variations agree that men having the following body types attract them and are eye candies:-

Strong Tight Perky Butt – They said that they are instinctively attracted to men with this feature and find them very sexy. Most probably an indication of good athletic prowess with the ability to jump and climb powerfully.

Flat Tummy with Six Pack Abs – This type of men is not fat and that is why they do not have a layer of lard covering their stomach muscles. Since the muscles can be shown, these men are perceived to be strong and therefore they are not skinny pencil geeks. They are also perceived to be great bed partners.Are Women Attracted to Handsome Goodlooking Men

Broad Back and Chest – These men ooze confidence which girls fall for because they are perceived to be able to protect the girls better and gives them a sense of security.

Strong Arms and Shoulders – Just like in romantic fairy tales, he is able to sweep her off her feet and protect the young. They are also perceived to be hard working and responsible men.

Strong Muscular Legs – Which is an indication of preparedness for fight or flight when the situation demands for it.

Yes, the researchers are right. What attracts women to men is a total package of many mental and physical attributes. Therefore by having a reasonably lean muscular male body certainly embraces many of these traits which women find so attractive in men.


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