Be More Handsome and Attractive to Women

It is true. Every man can transform himself to become more attractive and handsome if you put some effort into grooming yourself and improve your own appearance.

Ok, some men may smirk at this suggestion because they think that they are macho and grooming oneself is not a manly thing to do and is only for girls. If that is what you think, then this article is not for you. The only question I want to ask is that why is it so bad to look more handsome and desirable?

However, if you think that looking better, smarter and more attractive can lead you to better jobs, a more successful career, more acceptable and popular socially and best of all, being admired by girls and even, ahem, even men, then read on.

To transform yourself to become a more handsome and attractive man, start off by practicing good hygiene. This may sound like a no brainer, but look around you. Observe how many guys looked dirty, unkempt and scruffy and you will be surprised that practicing good hygiene isn’t common sense after all.

Keeping your hair, body and clothing clean and presentable at all times will help you become a more attractive man and improve your confidence. So go get regular haircuts. Keep your beard, mustache or goatee trimmed, better yet, do not have facial hair as by having facial hair will mean that you will have to put much more effort in grooming it.

Brush your teeth regularly and use a teeth whitening system if needed to brighten your teeth and keep away bad breath. Remember, you expose your yellow teeth when you smile and that is not attractive at all.

If you perspire easily or live in the tropics, do apply antiperspirant on a daily basis. Use a gentle cologne that releases a pleasant fragrance throughout the day. Not too heavy though or you will smell obnoxiously. Better still, use a cologne that is scientifically engineered to attract girls. If you have problems with acne, get them treated immediately.

Also, do take care of your body. Lose weight if you are fat and build some muscles if you are skinny. If you have a slightly above average lean and muscular body, your body shape will hold up your clothes well and your six pack abs will be admired and respected when you are on the beach or at the swimming pool.

Hey, when you exercise and workout, your face will glow pink with good health and if that is not attractive and handsome, what is?

Next, accentuate your best features. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and find out what are your better features. If you have an attractive face, keep it clean shaven so others will notice your good looks. Why bother to have beards and goatees to hide your handsome face? Silly isn’t it?

If you have nice attractive eyes, consider trading your glasses for contact lenses or better yet, have your eyesight corrected medically. If you have a nice physique, wear clothes that are flattering to your physical assets.

If you have difficulty identifying your better features, simply ask a female friend what she finds most appealing about you. Then accentute those features! Even if your best feature has nothing to do with looks, you can make yourself more attractive by playing up your charming personality and good sense of humor. It is a fact that girls fall for men who are witty and can make them laugh.

Next, try experimenting with different clothing styles and fashion before you find the ones that suits you best. However you decide to dress, please do so neatly and smartly. Wearing mismatched, worn out or ill fitting clothing can ruin any attractive man’s good looks.

Invest in some new clothes that fit well and have them cleaned regularly to keep them looking nice and neat. Believe it or not, clothes really do make the man, and if you want to become an attractive and handsome man, you will need to dress in attractive clothing.Be More Handsome and Attractive to Women

Again, another common sense that is not so common and that is mind your manners. It does not matter if your sex appeal matches that of Leonardo Di Caprio or other megastars if you are rude or obnoxious. Few things can turn a woman off more than a man who cannot control his bodily functions such as fidgeting all the time or one that makes unwanted sexual advances.

So do pay particular attention to the way you act around other people. If you think you are being rude, you most probably are. Worse, if you are not even aware that you are being obnoxious.

Practice good manners at all times until it becomes an ingrained natural habit and you will naturally become a more attractive and well liked handsome man. The girls will be falling all over you soon.


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