Things you may need to avoid in Online Dating – Advice for Men

online dating for men

Online dating websites helping in connecting singles like tinder online services on which you can meet singles like you. Online internet dating is very popular nowadays and most singles are using these online dating apps. These matchmakers apps are very helpful.

Few Online Dating Apps:- 

  1. Tinder
  2. Badoo
  3. Bumble
  4. OkCupid 
  6. JD- Just dating
  7. Sweet-ring

If you know more matchmakers apps, let us know in the comment section and we will update. You may also check to find love online the easy way a very good article may help you.

In this article, Before we start on this topic, We need to understand the type of people who are using online dating apps. You see,  not everyone on these online dating apps or website are looking for partners or love. Many of them on these online apps or websites are looking for fun or want you to join their social media. We did our research for you on and may wish that this will help you. So we found that there are five types of people on online dating apps.

List of five types of people on online dating apps:-
  1. Looking for a serious relationship 
  2. Looking for just to talk 
  3. Looking for people to increase presence on social media
  4. Looking for fun
  5. Looking to meet new people

We created the above list based on our own research. if you want to add more then you are always welcome to update on the comment section. You can identify these types of people easily after talking to them for maybe 10-15mins. Just make sure what you want.

Now we know the basics, let’s get started. Let’s say you have decided to go to online dating apps or websites to find your soul mate to the other half. You need to consider many things as you can do many wrong things that will lead you to lose a chance to get your soul mate. Of course, if you are just looking for fun i.e. type 4, we wish you good luck but also suggest you do not go on that path as it hurts unless someone also wants fun.



On other hand, we need to understand that online matchmakers dating apps or websites are connecting singles and not as much as the real world. There are many fake people on the apps who just want to take advantage. We at prepared the list of things you should avoid on online dating apps or websites.


Things you may need to avoid in Online Dating  - Advice for Men

  1. Don’t be overconfident
  2. Don’t be aggressive
  3. Don’t be judgmental 
  4. Don’t Be Demanding
  5. Don’t lie too much
  6. Don’t Be Show off
  7.  Don’t lose patience 

Don’t be overconfident

Don’t be overconfident, Being confident in the real world is really good but in the world of online dating, you may reflect your personality as an overconfident guy which is not good. You see, women are very sensitive when it comes to love or choosing someone talk to. You need to make sure that you don’t reflect something like that in your conversation. otherwise, you directly lose the chance.

Don’t be aggressive

Don’t be aggressive, If you are aggressive in nature which is also good quality but somehow we found at that it can be a killer quality when you are dating on online apps or even offline. Just keep in mind not to start pushing too hard for anything to do something like share more photos or share mobile numbers etc. Just try to go with the flow because good things take time to happen.

Don’t be judgmental

Don’t be judgemental, As we know that nobody is perfect. So don’t start judging people right away. There is a good saying that  “We are all flawed in some way or another” which is so true. It may hurt you what that saying includes you, as well. Of course, we know that you need to judge the person you are talking to but don’t be over judgmental as we said no one is perfect.

Don’t Be Demanding

Don’t be demanding, As we know when we demand too much we put the wrong impression on others. Like demanding perfectionism in your work is one thing and needed. On other hand, Demanding something from your lady or even a friend is not just fine it’s very bad if you are. You may need to change that perspective and slow down on demands. Don’t really demand too much on meeting face to face as eventually if everything is ok you are going to meet daily :).

Don’t lie too much

Don’t lie too much, We all do lie at some point in time, and maybe your intentions are ok when you do so. But when it comes to lying on online dating apps or websites we always recommend not to do so.  In straight words, Your little white lies and false fronts won’t work on online dating apps. You need to be honest from the very beginning. So when it comes to writing information on your profile always suggest writing the truth. You can make it a little interesting but don’t make false statements. As we know truth will come out eventually anyway.

Don’t Be a Showoff

Don’t be a showoff, If you do you are going to lose it. People on online dating apps do a lot of showoffs and end up single again. A great example is you earn 5K USD and you show off like you are earning 10k USD that will make your life miserable later when you start dating the person. It should be included in the above “Don’t Lie too much” but we decided to put it separately.

Don’t lose patience 

Don’t lose patience, You need to remember that all those good things don’t come just like that. Always try to remember that it’s not your business deal it’s about the relationship. Always stay at a slow and steady pace that will last long. As we all know Patience is the key in every aspect of life so make sure you have this when using online dating apps.


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